Friday, January 2, 2009

Where to Farm Disgusting Oozeling pet

So, one of the rarest vanity pets in world of warcraft is the disgusting oozeling. I'm going to list the best place, imo, to farm this, with a detailed path.

I found that there are a few spots to look for this , one being the cave in western plaguelands near the top right, but there are pro's and con's to this spot. The pros being that the mobs are very close together making them faster to clear, they are also a little higher level and have a better drop rate of the Disgusting bag, which is what will contain your oozeling pet. The con is that the oozes once they die spawn a few little oozelings which can get quite annoying if you arn't an aoe class.

Here is the spot in felwood that I use to farm mine.
ALSO! If you didn't know this is going for a lot on the auction house now, I'm estimating atleast 2000 gold from the right buyer, maybe more depending on how bad they want it. Goodluck farmin!


Anonymous said...

I also followed the same route in Felwood, but to no avail. I decided to switch and give the canyons in EPL a try and in less than 10 kills was surprised with an Oozeling pet. I'm headed to BRD to get him some beer!

Loremaster Llisae

Anonymous said...

Followed the path, did about 8-10 rounds and ended up with 4 bags! Works like a charm

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

Some of you actually farmed it. I got it out of luck. I was questing on my level 83 warrior and I came across this bag. I opened it and I found this pet. Curious of might it looked like. I used it. Should of sold it for 12k on my server -_-

ooz said...

This is bull****... that path only leads with Scum Covered Bags which don't drop the pet... gonna try EPGL now... depression struck me...farmed for hours there until i checked drop from this bag....Tainted Oozing's drop - Scum Covered Bag , what we need is Oozing Bag...


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